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Why Do You Ride?

Outdoor recreation and activities offer a unique environment for people to learn more about themselves and form stronger family bonds and social ties with other like-minded individuals. Roberts, Jones, and Brooks (2018) inform us that all-terrain vehicle (ATV), side by side (UTV), and off-road motorcycle (Motocross) activities have been increasingly popular in the Kamloops area. Off-road vehicle enthusiasts are composed of individuals who not only participate in ATV, UTV, and motocross activities, but also have various motivations, preferences, habits, characteristics, and styles. As we are discovering more and more, regular exercise is integral to health and well-being, and the outdoors are found to be more therapeutic than indoor environments. Members of the Thompson Valley ORV Club report to have many positive mental health benefits that are directly related to participating in outdoor club activities. These include things such as improved mood, less stress and worry, and increased self-esteem. Outdoor sports are a way to participate in activities that match our motivations and character traits and act as a means to manage our emotional lives and alleviate negativity. Overall, outdoor adventure activities are linked to positive mental health and well-being (Roberts et al., 2018).


Roberts, L., Jones, G., & Brooks, R. (2018). Why Do You Ride?: A Characterization of ORV riders, Their Engagement Methods, and Perceived Links to Mental Health and Well-Being. Frontiers in psychology, 9, 1642.

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Great new webpage. Thank you Patricia Penner



What a great way to make new friends and visit with 'old' ones.

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